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About Steve Jordan Pilates

Steve was brought up amongst fitness, working at his dad's gym since the age of nine. His father Abe Jordan was twice Mr Universe finalist back in 1966 and 1968 when Arnold Schwarzennegger triumphed. At the age of eleven, Steve began playing tennis on a semi professional level and then became a professional tennis coach.

At the age of twenty, he became a qualified personal trainer. In 1991 Steve moved to London England and taught Pilates classes to professional dancers at The London Studio Centre, the 4th largest dance school in the UK, for injuries and injury prevention.

Steve has been teaching Pilates for more than 25 years, and started three years before the British Body Control Association was formed in 1995.

He found that dance, personal training and Pilates exercises are a very effective combination for injury rehabilitation, posture correction and aerobic fitness. It is this unique "all-in-one" method which makes Steve Jordan Pilates so unique and effective!

" My body changed: it became stronger and my back has never caused me the problems that I used to have. "  
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